The legendary Tacos "Al pastor" from Berlin

If you are mexican and you live abroad, maybe you have gone through those days when a tear leaves your eye while you sigh thinking about the delight of good tacos “al pastor”, authentic grilled in a “trompo”. Made it like in Mexico City streets.

The trómpiras offer the only and authentic tacos “al pastor” in Berlin, prepared as they should, in a “trompo” (vertical gyros grill), with the delicious taste of Mexico. You got to try them!

Of course, if you are local (Berliner) or from another part of the world, you may also know the delights of Mexican cuisine and in particular the tacos “”al pastor, as it is one of the classics. Some locals call it “The Mexican döner” but the truth is that it tastes completely different and … way better 😉

Normally when you get to find these tacos outside of Mexico, they are prepared on a grill plate. There is a big difference when the meat is cooked with “trompo” and that is why Los Trómpiras are here. To offer the authentic taste of mexican streetfod tacos “al pastor”.

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